Max HP: 10

Dexterity Bonus - Automatically re-roll failed Dex rolls once

Appearance: The Nefaryn are a tall (around 7ft average) and slender race and usually possess strong, spider-like hands, which help them to climb jungle branches and vines. They are very pale-skinned and usually possess large and piercing eyes.

Ecology: They are natives of the jungles of Longbirch and their knowledge of nature is unmatched. The Nefaryn prefer simple pleasures and are not prone to violence, but will readily take up arms if their lands are threatened. They have made their homes high in the canopy of the jungle for centuries and farm the jungle for all of their needs. They will often become anxious if they are away from their natural environment for too long, the industrial brick and mortar of certain Colvatchian towns tends to give them a headache.

Diplomacy: Some Nefaryn have slight disdain for Colvatchians, as they see them as a curse. They believe that Arglazia will follow the Colvatchians wherever they go. Aside from this, many Nefaryn actually do get along well with Colvatchians, even starting families with them. It is not too unusual to find someone who is half-Nefaryn, half-Colvatchian. They have had a long-standing alliance with many Aquirioth tribes despite being more gatherer than hunter. Due to their fear of fire, the Nefaryn are terrified of the Nether and apprehensive around Netherfolk at best. They are usually quite understanding of Zianites and are one of the only races who were openly kind to them before the Great War.

Religion: The Nefaryn eagerly worship the sun that they often refer to as "Soleste". It is incredibly hard to find a Nefaryn that worships the Lightbringer, as almost all of them believe the Lightbringer and Soleste to be one and the same. Most Nefaryn take a very scientific approach to their beliefs, knowing that the sun is a giant celestial body and simply thanking it for the gifts of life it bestows on their land. Many Nefaryn are known to smoke various jungle plants, often giving them quite outlandish philosophies, but this also causes them to occasionally have quite accurate and vivid predictions of the future.

Naming Conventions: Nefaryn names come from their native Nefaryn tongue. The more fantastical and convoluted the name is, the better. They like to be very imaginative when naming their offspring and will sometimes make up words altogether. Any kind of high-fantasy, tolkien-elf style name is fitting. Throw in Celtic-sounding words and references to sunlight for bonus points. Examples of Nefaryn names are: Daedrinar Drakepine, Forromir Galgahad, Mulphaeria Destrinon, Sella-Síth Vineheart, Boehrrmiad Soleira and Derenith Solgaia.